Conversions Simplified

Conversion is the reason WHY your website exists.

You want people to

  • Visit website
  • Discover compelling info
  • Take action

That’s it. That’s the goal. Whether that action is to subscribe, make contact, or purchase, the transaction is what you’re after.

Let’s look a quick list of reasons why you’re losing opportunities to close the deal.

Reasons Visitors Don’t Convert

  • Your offer doesn’t address their problem
  • Your offer is difficult to understand
  • Your offer is difficult to find
  • You offer isn’t presented in a compelling way
  • Your brand doesn’t look credible
  • Your site design looks sketchy, aka unprofessional

These are all fixable problems. And the reason why our 2nd Tier audit focuses on Conversion Optimization rather than driving more visitors through SEO. Why waste time and money on driving traffic to a website that doesn’t convert?

You want to give a great first impression (user experience). Then you want to earn their trust (conversion). Lastly, you want to drive more people to your website to complete that process (SEO).

When I review your website for conversion optimization, I start with a checklist and ask few questions.

Conversion Audit Questions

  1. Can I tell what the website is offering?
  2. Is the offer compelling?
  3. Does the website distract me or offer too many choices?
  4. How many clicks does it take me to complete conversion?
  5. Does the website gather data along the way to reach out in case I abandon the site mid-conversion?
  6. Was the lead magnet worth offering my contact info?
  7. Do I have unanswered questions through conversion process?
  8. Is conversion simple or complicated?

I answer questions like those during my audit to help you pinpoint opportunities to tighten up your pitch and close the sale.