User Experience

Is it easy for your visitor to find what they are looking for?

First impressions are everything. Sure, a visitor might come around months to years later after a bad first impression, but most won’t. You have one shot to be interesting, credible, and valuable.

Start Here First

The first site audit I do for my clients focuses 100% on the user experience. Why? Because just like me, if you launched a business website, you couldn’t fully anticipate how your target audience would use the website until it exists. Then you start to observe user behavior and they help you answer a few key questions:

  • How do they navigate the site?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Do they find it?
  • Or do they give up?

Analytics will answer these questions for you, if they’re properly set. And a good heat map is invaluable for at least a limited period of time.

If the home page is your most popularly visited page, and 50% of those visitors abandon the home page without ever clicking an internal link, you are either answering their question immediately or you are leaking potential customers like a sieve.

My user experience audit shows you firsthand what impact your branding, home page, navigation, internal pages, and overall messaging on a total stranger. Armed with these insights, you can strategically enhance the experience for each point of entry so that your visitors are instantly confronted with compelling content that speaks to the reason motivating their visit.

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