Keep It Short And Sweet!

You wanted to learn more. Let’s dive right in! I’m going to give you THREE basic facts about your website.

First, some percentage of your website’s visitors bail after just a few seconds, never becoming customers or even reaching out to ask clarifying questions. WHY? Because they don’t see what they want fast enough to stick around and learn more.

Makes sense, right? Let’s keep going:

Second, most website owners turn first to SEO and advertising to drive more visitors to their sites, ignoring the fact that 30% to 50% of visitors bail without ever learning whether your business does what they need. WHY? Because they don’t know how to fix what’s broken in their process, so they throw more people at the website to increase sales, subscriptions, and leads.

Still with me? One more important thing to cover:

Third, auditing your website for user experience and optimal conversion flow empowers you to convert the highest percentage of visitors possible and reduces your need for a massive influx of new visitors. It’s cheaper to keep the visitors you already have than to acquire more visitors to replace them.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been testing and optimizing websites, copy, and messaging since 2006. Give me ten minutes on your site, and I’ll give you 3-5 immediate opportunities for improvement. That’s more leads, more subscriptions, and more sales. I mean, if that kind of thing appeals to you.