Hello from PubCon South!

I often get the question “why do you wear a tee shirt with your Twitter username on the back?” Answer: Well, it changes. Today,  I’m at PubCon South and I’m not a fan of drumming up small talk with strangers. 

This way, people I tweet with can recognize me and say hi. I’ll drum up a convo with someone if I recognize them, but people like me use logo avatars that render us unrecognizable to our Twitter friends. Hence, the avatar on the front and the username on the back helps people associate with who I am.

I get the blowback because people assume I am begging everyone to follow me by sharing my username. Not at all.

As a matter of fact, if any of you search marketing types are checking out my blog because you’ve seen me tweet today from PubCon, let me tell you right now: unfollow me right now. Save yourself some irritation.

Don’t follow me on Twitter

I don’t tweet about SEO ever. This conference is an exception. I don’t talk search much. I talk about ideas and products, not methods or marketing. I do marketing. But I don’t talk marketing.

That’s it. If you see me at PubCon South, stop me and say hi. But don’t follow me on Twitter unless you like tweets about regular everyday life.

Why NOT Talk Search Marketing on Twitter?

Ultimately, it’s because search marketing is not my primary life focus. I do search marketing for multiple clients, but it’s not my ultimate life calling. These days I spend more time in God’s Word and listening to biblical teaching and I don’t worry about promoting myself professionally. I was huge into self-promotion for awhile until I started feeling soulless and cheap. That’s the REAL truth.

I’m done with cheap self promotion. I share what I share now because I am passionate about it and because it’s who I am. Search marketing is not who I am, and honestly I may not be providing services to anyone 3-5 years from now. 

That being the case, I’m not spending any more of my energy or time into building a name for myself. When someone searches my name on Google, I want them to learn about who I am at the core. And search simply doesn’t belong there.

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