Fix the Top 5 Challenges Your Site Faces

This 10 minute site audit will identify low hanging fruit that will improve your site's visibility, authority, and impact with your ideal customer. 

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Establish Trust

Whenever I first visit a website, that first impression makes all the difference. A positive first impression and I’m willing to stick around a bit longer. A negative first impression and I’m likely to bail.

Most website owners don’t realize that users have thousands of options to consider. To earn their business, you have to earn their trust.

And trust starts with having a fast, clean and functioning website.

Common Issues That Affect Trust

  • Do I have to wait a long time for the page to load?
  • Are their misspellings or grammatical errors?
  • Is the logo pixelated?
  • Is the layout pleasing to the eye or is it chaotic?
  • Does the page make outrageous claims?
  • Is it obvious what the page is offering?
  • Do other people use and trust this website?
  • Does it offer satisfaction / money back guarantees?

These are key examples of questions each user answers subconsciously in the matter of a few seconds to a few minutes. The quality and presentation of your messaging will answer these questions for each visitor.

Is your website establishing trust?

Order your 10 minute Site Audit for $40 and find out!