Some days I wonder how I get from point A to point B without tripping over my own feet. Other days it seems the world is my oyster. Then there are days when I’d rather be a cat… don’t ask. This, however, is not one of those days. What does that mean exactly? I honestly don’t know. But wouldn’t it be cool if I was a cat!?!?! 

I’d like to thank each and every one of the people who have taken the time to send me an email these past two days. I am more than a little surprised at the response I’ve gotten for an article I wrote more than six months ago.

I want to reassure you that I will be writing a response to Randfish’s blog post on SEOmoz. After reading through his post and many of the other people’s responses, I need a day or so to consider all of the suggestions and opinions. 

Contrary to now popular belief, I prefer not to go shooting off at the mouth (or the blog) simply because someone else has something to say about my writing.

I am reminded of The Great Conversation as taught by Dr. Davey Naugle of the former Pew College Society at DBU. He invited us to join into The Great Conversation by reading books written by some of the greatest minds of human history.

He challenged us engage with the thoughts, ideas, and postulations of brilliant philosophers, novelists, poets, astronomers, playwrights, and scientists. We would borrow their thoughts, try them on for size, and keep the ones that fit. 

While blogs are a far cry from The Great Conversation, they are yet an opportunity for us to engage each other on topics large and small, allowing even the most socially challenged to stand up and proclaim their heartfelt convictions and beliefs and, yes, even criticisms.

I welcome you all to discuss what weighs heavily on your minds, whether it be the true standing of Search Engine Optimization in American/Global economics or the need for a faster and younger quarterback on the Dallas Cowboys (did I bias that one already? shoot!).

Intelligent conversation is always welcome.

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